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“Eshhanly” is a comprehensive electronic payment and collection network that provides, through multiple points of spread throughout the country, more than 2,000 electronic services related to the payment and collection of funds for the benefit of various government and private agencies.

Since the announcement of Egypt’s 2030 strategy, and its vigorous endeavors and various technological transfers to achieve the policies of the developed country, especially the initiatives of electronic transformation and financial inclusion, “Eshchalli” company has taken upon itself the responsibility of helping citizens enter the digital transformation system, through two main axes:-

The first axis is the conclusion of the necessary contracts with service companies, government public utilities, investment partners, telecommunications and information technology companies, to provide the largest number of electronic payment and collection services offered by “Eshhly” through its advanced technological system.

As for the second axis, Ashhanli seeks to achieve the largest percentage of penetration of dealing points at the level of the Republic, through an ambitious spread plan launched by the company at the beginning of the year 2021 in the northern Upper Egypt sector, which includes the governorates of Beni Suef, Fayoum and Minya, where the company achieved a high rate of penetration. Very good at the level of dealing points that were made available by hundreds of stores of all kinds, whether shops operating in the field of groceries, pharmacies, libraries, mobile phone service stores, and others.

Ashhanly’s serious attempts to bring the citizen and his services closer together do not stop there, but the company has been at the forefront of financial institutions that launch an electronic application that provides the aforementioned services, where all citizens can download it to their smart phones and complete electronic payments through it. It should be noted here that the techniques for implementing this application were taken into account, during which it was taken into account to provide the easiest means of dealing with electronic applications, taking into account the achievement of the highest levels of security and data confidentiality at the same time.

Chairman’s word

At Ashhanly, we seek to change the customers’ perceptions of cash payments and collection by electronic means, by relying on the easiest and fastest ways.

Therefore, despite its recent era, our company has achieved a wide spread in a number of governorates of the Republic, due to the professionalism and experience of the work team, which was formed over more than 5 years of activity and work in the field of electronic payment.

Hence, we invite all merchants and entrepreneurs, whether large, small or micro, to seize the opportunity and join our success partners and take advantage of our offers related to the adoption of unique and unusual incentives and profit rates on electronic payment and collection processes.

Our invitation is not limited to merchants and project owners only, but every ordinary citizen can download the “Eshhanly” application on his mobile phone to accomplish everything related to bill payments, mobile card charging and public services with high security rates and easy means.


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October 2023